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Imagine a synagogue that honors both tradition and diversity.  A place where all are welcome, and where everyone feels at home.  Uncommonly open and uniquely accepting, we’re a Modern Orthodox community where our shared respect for Torah and love of learning create a powerful spiritual and social bond.

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Comprised of 65+ families, our members range from eight weeks to 105 years of age, hailing from varied backgrounds and life experiences.  A dynamic group of professionals, UCLA faculty members, visiting professors and neighborhood residents, we are a close-knit community known for our openness, diversity and commitment to spiritual growth -- and who value the close friendships and support that only a small congregation can provide.

Our vision is to encourage a deepening experience of prayer, participatory learning, a commitment to ritual practices, vibrant social and religious gatherings and outreach programs that benefit the community at large. 

WVS is committed to providing every possible opportunity for women to participate and share in communal prayer and associated rituals within the defined parameters of Orthodox tradition.  Our goal is to provide a supportive, nurturing environment that encourages individual learning and growth as a Jew for every one of our congregants, no matter what their background.

“While large congregations provide an unparalleled opportunity to reach hundreds of people each week, they can lack an intangible quality essential to achieving spiritual growth and transformation.  A small, non-judgmental community which is open to people at different stages of religious development offers a safe, caring environment in which they can more comfortably explore their Jewish identity.  The Westwood Village Synagogue - a community strengthened by our diversity and grounded in our relationships as an extended family -- provides such a spiritual haven.”

- Rabbi Dr. Abner Weiss, Rabbi Emeritus